Feature requests for Modstep 2

Hi, really hope you have plans for Modstep 2 this year. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see: Midi PC message support for session loading. this means you can use a scirpt to auto load sessions so it’s like a hardware sequencer

AUv3 support for the full midi part (and audio part too if possible) of Modstep would be ideal (without hosting of apps). I prefer hosting the apps in hosts like AUM, where it’s more powerful, flexible and stable.
AUv3 support could also mean ability to host Modstep in a DAW to make track making easier.

Audio clips. I think I saw that was being worked on.

More follow actions etc. :grinning:



For me the most important features for Modstep update or modstep2 would be:

Tap tempo button, or Tempo knob with selectable range! Both midi learnable
Support for #/4 #/8 #/3 #/6 time signatures per scene. F.ex. 15/8

Option to auto quantize last note played within, lets say, quarter note before record starts, to start of the pattern. Or if the whole note has on and off messages within that quarter note or half a second before record starts, modstep would move the whole note to start of the pattern.

-Clicking on a clip by accident, and not being able prevent it from stopping, is a problem for me.

I’m really looking for a perfect midi sequencer here :wink:

edit: added “per scene” to time signatures

Oh yeah, and option for lower buffersize!

Another one,

Ability to record midi without having to predetermine the loops length.

Having a global button to stop recording, to finally cut the midi loop. ( this, as well midi learnable).


Isomorphic linnstrument style “keyboard” atleast 4 octaves would be super awesome alternative for the 2 octave keyboard. Wouldn’t neccessarily need an external midi controller with something like that available.


Feature request for channel mute function:
Make the mute function to send all note offs for the muted channel, so notes dont hang.