[FIXED] Drumracks always crash Touchable 3 on launch

I can’t seem to create or load any projects with drum racks without TouchAble 3 immediately crashing/quitting. I’ve tried creating an empty project with a blank drum rack and Touchable still crashes when trying to connect to the project containing the drum rack. If I load up an empty project in Ableton without a drum rack, Touchable connects fine until I attempt to add a drum rack, at which point it crashes. I’ve tried multiple iOS devices. I’ve also tried deleting and reinstalling Touchable from the App Store via My Purchases.

I’m running Ableton 10.0.3 and Touchable 435 on MacOS 10.13.6. Tested iOS devices are on 12.1.1 (iPad 2017) and 9.3.5 (iPad 2012). Any ideas on what might be going on? I’ve recently come back to Ableton after running a hardware only setup for a while. I never had these problems with Touchable on Ableton 9.


could you please install the old server and scripts for now:

win 32:

win 64:




Hi Pascal - thanks for the super fast response. I’ve installed 371 on my Mac and everything is working great. Thanks again.

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