Get your damn act together

I’ve paid you twice for this “program” but your software can’t even successfully execute an install much less running (which crashes constantly). Right now, I’m trying to figure out why the client running on Windows can’t connect to the server (also on Windows). This janky piece of expensive crap

Actually, you know, I did at least try to delete these posts because they’re unproductive and I would like to see this app be less beta-stage than it is. Nevertheless, the complaints are valid; though their expression much less so.


sorry for the late reply. And you are absolutely right, we are currently not able to properly reply to incoming requests nor to fix issues within a reasonable timeframe.

Unfortunately we cannot refund you directly, you would have to contact the distributor (apple/microsoft/google).




We also offer a public beta for touchable on all platforms (send pm for uwp).



Well, number one, sorry, Pascal for the nasty messages on your board. You guys are way more responsive than those comments might indicate. Your app has so much potential to be great but it just isn’t stable. It seems from looking at other comments that the Mac version is more stable (or at least the complaints fewer).

Nevertheless, I have tried to request refunds from the Play store and the Windows App store but they have been rejected each time for not falling within their refund guidelines. Each initial request was made shortly after purchase but they were rejected and so every couple months I try Touchable again after a new edition to see if things have resolved, get the same crashes and disconnects, request a refund, and get rejected…which is what preceded that commenting spree.

So… I dunno.

So, two things:

  1. There is a magic setup that works and I apparently found it. I’d reinstalled Windows this week, reinstalled Live, Touchable client and server, and RTPMidi with all the Apple-ness, and it hasn’t crashed yet. It’s the inter-app communication that was causing hangs which led to crashes, right?

  2. I’d asked about being able to run multiple instances of the client because I had multiple touch monitors. The easy solution, if anyone else asks/is curious is just to move the window (Windows key + arrows on Windows) to the far side of one of the two screens and drag the window so it spans both touchscreens. And then create a custom interface with clip and mixing and keys and whatnot on the same custom Touchable interface split across both screens. It’s a little finicky to get the layout right but works


Hey Pascal,

I can’t see where to PM, but could you please add me to the beta, please? I’ve been having issues on Monterrey with the current build. Thanks.