Help for a newbie with Lemur setup

Hi folks. I’m a new user of studiomux, having been a long-time but not very knowledgeable user of Lemur, which I’m using to host Composer Tools Pro. After a recent MacOS security update, the Lemur Daemon has been almost unusable, my iPad disconnects from it constantly, and I’m not able to open the Daemon on my computer to adjust anything there, the app is open, but no windows are visible. After struggling with this for a couple of months, I read that studiomux might be a better way to go when trying to get MIDI back and forth from my computer and Cubase.

I’m having an enormous amount of trouble figuring out how to get it happening, and I’m struggling to make sense of the manual, so I could use some talk-to-me-like-I’m-five-years-old assistance. No doubt I’m doing something that’s obviously wrong, but I don’t know Lemur or studiomux well enough to troubleshoot.

So here’s how I’ve had things set up in the past, and effectively what I need to recreate: On my iPad, I’m running Lemur, and Composer Tools Pro 1.1.23 from MIDI Kinetics. It uses two MIDI ports from Lemur to get to it’s interface bridge-y thing, MKConnect. In my Lemur setup I’ve been using Daemon 0 and Daemon 2. While I always have had my iPad plugged in to the USB on my computer, using a USB connection has been really unstable, so I use the wifi connection, and the connections are selected as my-computer.local(wifi): Daemon Output 0, etc. I’m right next to both my router and computer, so signal strength isn’t a problem. In MKConnect, I’ve got Tablet 1 set as CT Pro 2 as the To & From. In Cubase I have a couple of Generic Remotes to handle the MIDI as recommended by MIDI Kinetics, and they’ve been set to Daemon 0.

Now, in studiomux, I’ve created two local MIDI ports, called CT Pro 1 & CT Pro 2. Both have their in and out ports on. Under the Remote Port side of things I can see all my Daemon ports as well as ports created by other applications. In Lemur, I’ve assigned the ins and outs of my MIDI target 0 to my-computer.local(Wifi): CT Pro 1, and MIDI target 0 to my-computer.local(Wifi): CT Pro 2. MKConnect has Tablet 1 set to CT Pro 2, and in Cubase I’ve got my Generic Remotes set to CT Pro 1 in the same manner that they used to be set to Daemon 0. All of this is done, and yet CT Pro is still showing that it’s disconnected. I’ve tried a few tests, connecting Lemur to the iPad(Local) connections instead of my-computer(Wifi), but there’s no change.

If anyone’s got any ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’m really only needing MIDI back and forth at this point, not audio, so hopefully it’s something that’s fixable.


Maybe someone over at the Audiobus forum could help. Lots of very knowledgeable & helpful people over there.
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