Help: Who wants Touchable Pro implemented in Ableton?

Hi community,
since zerodebug has abandoned its own baby Touchable Pro, i think it’s even more important to ask Ableton itself to be more touch-friendly, and implement a controlsurface like Touchable Pro into Ableton! This would guarantee: - stability - safety for future updates (unlike with zerodebug, sorry zerodebug!) - possibly more features, as Ableton isn’t dead and listens to its users.

So if you want to support this, you can search for and upvote “Full Touchscreen-Support for Ableton” in the Ableton Beta Forum (ableton centercode dot com) if you are a user there. :slight_smile:
Lets hope our best, Ableton will listen.
Or that zerodebug comes back from the dead.


I requested the same for the Live10 beta:{AFAE9E48-FF3C-4C3B-AE33-477A39385A46}&uf={35D244E0-796E-400F-99F0-0BC5C65931EB}&a=v&t=0

Unfortunately it only had 10 upvotes…

I upvoted yours (even though the heade “Full Touchscreen-Support” is imo sounding like a different feature… i.e. not a remote/controller like touchable, but real touch support for ableton’s UI [like Bitwig…] - just my 2 cents)


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Thanks for the upvote!

Yes, sorry i forgot to mention external devices in my feature request - i don’t find an edit button now.

A bit depressing to hear, that this was already requested as a feature - haha! The Ableton Developers seem to be, hmmm, quite SLOW. They’re only fast at programming new “unique selling points” for major updates which i personally never want - and extremeley slow with basic fundamental stuff like Bounce in Place, Custom-Shortcuts, Scissor Tool, etc.

Zerodebug has dropped touchable!? Why this app is amazing.

Nobody seems to know why they don’t come back. Their last post was in November 2021 !!
If anybody knows, please us :slight_smile: I actually stopped using it because of some stability issues and i don’t want to create muscle-memory for a device which might be unusable next year (with Ableton12 for example). But maybe they’ll come back for Ableton 12. Who knows. haha

Yea for those who work professionally with this app it is very concerning thinking that an update could render your live set useless. I guess times are hard and chaotic for a lot of people out there. Lets hope they keep going as there really is no competition at this point.