How do I get audio Drumgenius to Ableton with this app?

I bought the app (iPhone 11PRO) and installed the server (iMac OS 10.15.7). Clueless about how to send audio from my iPhone apps to a track Ableton Live. Got the plugin in Ableton and loaded onto track. How do I load Drumgenius (a great drum app fro iPhone) into the Studiomux app? I press the + symbol but no Drumgenius appears. Please help?
PS: WTH is Lautzenbr and Bothel?

In Ableton, did you select in the plug-in, your phone as the device, and the channel you loaded your iOS instrument?

You need to drag the app onto the channel you want to use in Studiomux, then select that channel in the vst in Ableton…

Drumgenius is neither IAA or AU. So, Studiomux can’t receive audio from it. (Nor can Audiobus or AUM).

I did all that thanks.

I use iPhone. I can’t drag an app into another app. Thanks.

Well, that sucks. Really. The description in the Apple store of this app reads: “studiomux streams Audio, Midi and OSC via the simple USB cable and completely integrates iOS into your music production environment. Use your music apps just like you would use any other plug-ins.” I highlighted the last sentence. This is misleading information. This app is a bogus, a trap, a scam, and should be taken off the Apple store.

You are mistaken in blaming Studiomux or treating the App Store text as misleading. What you quoted is accurate.

The problem is that DrumGenius was not written with any connectivity options.

No other app can see its audio output. You can’t use DrumGenius with any audio mixing or recording app.

Studiomux can be used with any plugin or app that allows audio connections to other apps. GarageBand can’t see DrumGenius nor Cubasis nor Auria Pro nor AUM. Studiomux can be used with audio apps and plugins that other host apps can also see.

Connectivity of different ecosystems is not easy! Pick your apps wisely, take into consideration IAA and AUv3 support! If the app has both – you can use it with Studiomux! As for me, I was looking for something like Studiomux for years! So don’t judge fast, try to undestand the problem that you got with apps.

Good for you. But this advertised as something to “Use your music apps just like you would use any other plug-ins”, no other explanation or warning given. Moreover, they say that it “completely integrates iOS into your music production environment”. Both those statements are false and misleading. Something that “completely” integrates iOS should have handle my audio app. And it does not. studiomux may be great, but it should be advertised correctly. Have nice day.

Those statements are accurate. You can use any app that is made to be used with other music apps. You chose an app that does not work with other music apps. Drum Genius can’t be used with ANY music app host.

The App Store text isn’t misleading. IT does assume that someone knows that music apps with no connectivity can’t be be hosted by other apps.

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Just enable IDAM on your Mac - then select your iPhone as the input Audio Device in Live. From there - you could load up the Studiomux plugin on a Live track - and be able to “Use your music apps just like you would use any other plugins” - but I don’t think you need Studiomux to get your app audio into Live.

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