How to route MIDI from StudioMux host app to IAA ap?


I am using the Studiomux beta and want to route MIDI coming to my iPad from my Mac to an IAA app. Is there a way to do this from the Studiomux host app. (The app in question is OdysseI which doesn’t have a popup for choosing a MIDI source but will respond to any MIDI sent to its virtual input port.)

I know how to route MIDI from AUM to Odyssei – but can’t see how to route MIDI from StudioMux to a virtual MIDI port using the Studiomux host app itself.


i must be overlooking something that might even be obvious.

p.s. I am posting here because as a newbie, I am only allowed three posts in a topic and have reached that limit in the StudioMux Beta topic


if Odyssei populates is MIDI port studiomux will mirror it to your Mac automatically and should be available from inside your DAW. You may have to claim/track it.

I attached a screenshot from Live’s MIDI Settings. In this case i opened AUM on my device, the out port has been mirrored by studiomux. And after tracking it you will be able to send MIDI from a Live MIDI track.



I think maybe I wasn’t clear about what the issue. In Live, you can assign the StudioMuxInstrument to be the instrument for a Live MIDI track.

If the instument on the iPad is an AUv3, the Live track’s MIDI makes it to StudioMux and plays the AU. If you have an IAA instrument as the target, there doesn’t seem to be to get the MIDI for that Live track to the IAA instrument UNLESS you add an additional MIDI track. The result is needing 2 tracks in Live for each IAA instrument track.

Is there no way to redirect the MIDI coming into the StudioMux track/channel to OdysseI’s virtual MIDI port on on the iPad? Live sends a track’s MIDI to studiomux on the iPad but studiomux on the iPad doesn’t seem to have a way to direct the stream to a particular destination in this case.

Does that make sense?

Perhaps a clearer description of the quandary: is there a way in the Studiomux host app on the iPad to direct the MIDI coming into a channel to another destination.

not yet. will add it to the channels options.

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That would be great. I look forward to it.

Added a MIDI Delegate option. I guess its sufficiant for most needs. What do you think?

Do I understand correctly that choosing MIDI Delegate will send the MIDI to the delegate?

If so, that would be great!

right, any midi sent to this channel will be delegated to the chosen destination.

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Just tried in the new beta. Works great! Thanks for implementing it