I want my money back

I have an m1 Mac. I have Monterey. Everything is up to date.

Touchable just doesn’t work. Is this normal? It used to work on my old laptop, mostly.

Man, I gotta be honest with you: I’ve been through some deep throes of annoyance with my purchase. However, the devs have been doing a not terrible job of keeping basic functionality and improving the overall stability. I say that because I don’t know exactly what your problem is but they are open to help troubleshoot. I’m on Windows and the difficulties you are encountering may be do to the different system environment. However, I have found that deleting and reinstalling completely - and making sure I understood what I was connecting as opposed to following their somewhat outdated instructions - has fixed every occasional instability. It is a pain in the ass but there are a lot of bugfixes in the work and I want to keep this gang employed long enough to reach a rock-solid and low-bug application. Sure, it looks terrible visually but it is by far the best Ableton-specific touch interface out there.

Yeah well I’ve done all that and it still doesn’t work. And they have been entirely unhelpful.

Yeah, they probably told you what they told me. For me, a clean install of Ableton, Touchable and RTPMidi (and deleting any possible related folders and caches and making sure the remote scripts are installed in the correct location) has worked pretty consistently. That said, as a TWO TIME purchaser (Android and Windows) let me share in your commiseration in desiring a refund. Both Google Play and the Windows App store rejected my requests so I’m onboard for the long haul of getting shit fixed.

That said, I’m working on my own touch Ableton interface via max4live and that will be available for FREE since, frankly, it’s Ableton that dropped the ball on this obvious functionality.

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