Inconsistent connection with Mac


I really want this app to work. It just does not. I’ve done everything with the installation of the up to date scripts, all the settings are as they should. I can connect to Ableton Live 9.7.7 with my iPad Pro 10,5" running iOS 12.1.1. My laptop (MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2012) is running macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Problem is that it seems like it disconnects and reconnects every second. When I open the clip editor and start to draw on the midi grid, it sometimes catches and sometimes it does not. If I add tracks on the live set, it does not update them on the Touch Able Pro, unless I open the connection tab on the app and reconnect a couple of times. I can’t do almost anything. The only things that seem to work somewhat consistently are playing clips and adjusting velocity of midi notes. Everything else just feels like the connection is on/off/on/off/on/off all the time.

I really want this to work. Please, help.


did you find a solution for this?


I’ve some big connections problems with touchable 3 on ipad 6th and macos 10.7 on macpro 2006. I will try on other machines like my macbook pro quad i7.


All problems vanished as soon as I switched from Live 9 to 10. Everything seems to respond pretty rapidly and no crashing, but I did not try it more than 5 minutes. With Live 9 everything was broken.