Ipad Apple Pencil - Automation Drawing

Would be realy nice if you could support Automations in Clip and let them draw via Apple Pencil.
The Automations in Live with mouse are very frustrating time killers, so this Feature would be very nice and USP


this feauture is already partially available, in case an Automation has been created in Live. Unfortunately we cannot trigger an Automation creation from touchable, therefore you can only modify existing automations with touchable.


How to draw automations in the sequncer view ? I can draw automation only in a midi clip but not in the sequncenced song


we have not yet implemented all arrangment view functions and unfortunately we haven’t yet found a way to integrate automations. It seem like Live only provides Automations for Clips, meaning a full Automation for the Arrangement view is not accessible. Currently the arrangment clips fail to reply to automation curve requests from our side. But we are working on it.



I can use it via Duett by screen sharing, maybe this could be also a solution for arrangement view

Also drawing midi notes in edit mode with custom lengths would be nice. Would make it much faster to create patterns on iPad, than on ableton with mouse.