iPad generation


What model iPad do you recommend? My iPad 3 seems a bit too old. Live is version 9.9.7.


I use the iPad 3 and it works reasonably well for what I use it for :slight_smile: I’m not sure how much snappier the interface will be on never gen iPads!


Hi, within the current update we could significantly reduce the RAM usage. It will now work with big/huge sets on an iPad 2.


iPad 2? That’s great!


For about 6 months I’ve been happy using touchable. Intuitive, versatile, powerful. I was so happy that I used in my live performance. Unfortunately, touchable couldn’t give me healthy connection. Taking time to reboot software, and the slider’s move became unbearably sluggish. I had to do my live without midi controller.

I thought it could be caused by my iPad being old. But reading this forum make me sure for touchable needs some more step to be used in professional live use, I continue using touchable for home track making. I look forward to future progress.


Touchable 3 works great without anybug with server 370b . I used it on gig and never crashed :wink:


Oh, that’s impressive! I would appreciate it if you could you tell me in detail like which is the iPad model, which is the PC’s OS, which is the OS’s version or if you need to reboot server or ableton?


I have to apologize I was not fair to blame touchable pro because in live I used touchable 3. But symptom is very very similar.


Hello ! an ipad 2 on windows 10 . I put the version of server 370b on windows X64 for touchable 3 here :

for people like me ond windows X64 who waits until Touchable pro is bug free enough to use it .
The connection works fully ! you can start live or touchable server or touchable 3 . Whatever the order everything connecting fine and i have no issue with touchale 3 whatever the liveset .
have a good day !


Where can I get touchable 3?


on the appstore . I bought it 2 (3) years before , had a lot’s of updates and is now reliable for gig on my ipad 2 with a usb connection and server 370b :wink:


It seems distribution of touchable 3 has been discontinued. I should have been aware of the fact that every software has its stable version.


Oups ! that’s strange, i saw it on the app store not long ago ! you should ask for zero debug if they can put it again . I Say it because i already saw the app vanish and reappear on the appstore some days after.


oh my GOD !
Guyz ! You made it !
I’ve got the cooolest ipad 2 in the world thanks to you !
I can’ belive it works ! no crash on start with my big live set !
let’s play with all the stuffs !


AAAAH ! It’s christmas !!! again !!!


Wow! Great to hear and sorry for the long wait. Already working on the next update. :slight_smile: