iPad Multitasking Mode available?

before buying the app:
I need the App for triggering Live’s Scenes remotely via iPad over a Network. Additionally it is crucial, that your app can be used in the iPads Multitaksing-Mode, e.g. being a small windows which can be dragged over another app. Im a live sound engineer and need to have access to my mixing app and the touchOSC Controls at the same time. Previously i did it with QLAB and the Remote-App, but that is no longer possible for me, because my systems changed to Windows. I hope you can tell me, if the app has the three little dots on the upper edge of the screen, to let it be used in multitasking mode. :wink:
Thank you in advance.

Hi Raimo, this is excelent app but toataly unsupported and death. Dont invest in this. Hope that somebody take effort and develop something similar with long term support. I am just thinking about that .

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