Is it possible to hear live playback on iPad

I have just started to use touchAble and am wondering Is it possible to hear live playback on the iPad as it would be useful to monitor audio when working remotely from PC.

TouchAble Pro is only a controller for Ableton. There is no audio involved, so, no, it won’t be possible to monitor on an iDevice…

That would be a feature request then for better quality audio over wifi, guess I will have to try RF Headphones for now, any recommendations welcome.


we already tested a monitoring/playback option. But there’s a few things to consider, that kept us from not releasing it yet:

  1. When connected via WiFi the latency is usually to high (>10ms) for real time playing. Audio drop outs are very likely to be expected.
  2. The data transmission will significantly increase, when using high quality Audio (e.g. 44.1khz/32bit). A low quality codec (e.g. via Opus) could solve it, but is probably not wished, while producing :).

If you like you could test it yourself, by installing the studiomux beta (iOS only), and transfer audio to your iPad with studiomux, while running touchAble.