Is Modstep discontinued?

Hey Zerodebug,

Big fan of Modstep, I am using it for sequencing gear with MIDI.
However, program change does not support banks, so any current gear with 128+ memory is not fully accessible. Is there any plan for future updates of Modstep? I noticed there were no updates to the app since 2017.

If there will be no updates, it would be nice to at least notify the users before purchase (like you do with touchAble).


sorry for the long wait, we are currently started working on updates for all apps. (touchAble, studiomux, modstep (2)).

We are currently finalising touchAble, and started working on the update for studiomux (App and server). And will continue with modstep (2) thereafter.

We completely rewrote the graphic and audio framework we use for all our Apps. Therefore a more or less complete rewrite is necessary to provide new updates. We try to release at least beta versions for all apps until the end of the year.

All the best.