Surely you know by now that most of the 3rd party control surface scripts (pre Live 11) are dead now?

It’s understandable if you are abandoning ship.

Just let us know either way, please?

TA was the heart of my whole studio and live rig, combined with NativeKontrol Arsenal scripts for my APC40 then Will Marshall templates when I upgraded to the APC40 mkii.

All of it…gone.

It looks like my only real option now is to dive back into touchOSC, which means having to learn all the intricacies of the new MKII version before even attempting to replicate my invaluable TA templates.

Any kind of update would be massively appreciated before I commit to that time suck.

Even if it’s to say “yeah we’re done.”

I know I at least want hold it against you.



Even though I purchased TP years ago, I only recently started using it because I changed my whole workflow. It is far and away the best tool for soooo many things and it would suck tremendously if it stopped working. I’m happy to support as I can to keep it going. Just a very awesome tool that has no peers.

Here ie the answer: if this current stste is within a certain utility-based tolerance of Actually Abandoned, we may conclude it is. I eay yes but also I want my fucking money back. Goddam assholes

it’s abandoned. don’t use it, it already has issues with the newer Ableton versions. Ask for a refund in the store. I got mine, but I asked for it just a few days after buying it.

try LK and see if fits your workflow: Ableton Live & Midi Controller for iOS and Android - LK | Imaginando