Is this app still supported?

Hi guys was wondering is this app still supported? It’s an amazing app and is the best out there but has a few tiny bugs that need to be fixed. I don’t see any messages from
The developers recently and was wondering.

Yeah, they seem to exclusively be working on their other projects. Is that right, Pascal? You guys fucking us over officially. Anyhoo, the lesson here is: Don’t buy software from a company called Zerodebug. To paraphrase Maya Angelou: “Believe developers when they tell you they’re shit programmers”

I also tryied to conntact them over facebook personal message and linkedin. I see that they are alive but also no response there. If they are not motivated to continue, possible sell or release as opensource could be solution for us. But as usually no response.

Just the day before yesterday I started using this excellent app. I am even thinking that I may be able to completely give up Push.

However, apparently there is little chance of this app being updated.

Hello Pascal, if it is for economic reasons, consider changing your business model. Honest consumers understand that the buy-one-get-one-free model of third-party software is never sustainable.

They are willing to pay for great applications. We will gladly support it as long as the price is realistic. I sincerely hope you will not abandon this application.

From a musician in Japan.

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Hello, for those who are using Touchable in their live setup and are wondering what will happen next to the app, here is my guess :

Indeed, there is no news from the staff since mid 2021 (socials, forum, etc) I am guessing two possibilities :

option 1 : they left the project > I hope not !
option 2: the project is being/willl be integrated/bought by Ableton and they have a Non Disclosure Agreement. This option is the most plausible since it is happening for another well know 3rd party Ableton tool : Clyphx, which main developper Stray is now working for Ableton since 2021…. coincidence ??? I think not !

Anyway fingers crossed that Touchable will still be working and perfectionned in the future for Ableton, it is the best app out there in the market, beating Lemur (project discontinued by the way), TouchOSC, LK etc.

Time will tell !

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Hello Nasca . That’s a big supposition. Hope you are right .
Still they already did the same thing (no comunication at all) when launching Touchable pro .After the promotion time they have been silent . Touchable was delivered with lots of bug and we had to wait a full year before they decide to correct them (And by “bugs” i mean that i had to wait 1 years after buying it ,to be able to run the app…). They made a great job but again they are totaly away from their own project . I am thankfull for this app and i share the same point of view as you. The best app to work with on Ableton .And unfortunatly a discontinued app for me .
Regarding Stray and Clyphx , i suppose that the “variation” was not created from nowhere…But that’s so meaningfull regarding Clyphx functions . and the integration is Faaar from what Stray made with clyphx. A poor “user friendly” rigid way to create snaps… I suppose then that we will have a simily ‘Clyphx’ behavior in Ableton in 10 years regarding how slow they include clyphx functions in Ableton natively. And when i see how far they are from the Clyphx modular philosophy I suppose that it will never happen .And the only reason is certainly…money. Why having ideas and creativity if you are not paid for ?! And a good marketing plan for after " the end of the world " :rofl: . Then i Thanks soooo mutch stray for making the last Clyphx Beta version compatible with ableton 11 . That’s a releaf . I will certainly stick on this version (11.1.6) until they add all snaps actions and macrobats natively in ableton … really, i think it will never happen soon. Or Stray become the boss of Ableton . They will for shure earn a loooot of money . I mean a lot more !! I say that but really i love Ableton live ! Then i am thankfull for what they already did .

Have you ever visited Abletons Beta Forum? Ableton Sign up
There are feature requests about BASIC functionalities like Bounce in Place, advanced Mixer-Options, etc… Hundreds of feature requests since YEARS, which have not been adressed, even though they are constantly requested and upvoted since years.
So, IF Ableton would include TouchablePro, that would be a miracle. And i would absolutely love it. But i can’t imagine it.

Don’t hold your breath - this developer has years of wonky development and communication. The latter of which Pascal is absolutely horrible at - good at taking your money but little followup.

UPDATE : And now Ableton has just launched its iOS app… strangely quite similar to Touchable Pro…
My hypotesis seems right.

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Hello, sadly, Ableton Note is completely useless to me. It is in no way a replacement for Touchable Pro. Sadly! It would have been great, if Ableton created a remote-control with a nice interface, but no - this is no remote-control. This is a pseudo-DAW, a crippled, narrowed down tiny dwarf-DAW for iOS only. And when you want to use your dwarf-DAW-project within the real Ableton, you’re gonna have to use “Ableton cloud”, upload the project there, and re-open the whole thing in real Ableton. No thanks! Who needs a crippled dwarf-Ableton for iOS, which can’t even communicate live with Ableton?? I don’t. And it is absolutely not replacing the functions of Touchable Pro!


Note is nowhere similar to touchable pro. Touchable pro is a control surface with tons of features and customization especially tailored for live performance. Notes help you create music on the move and optionally sync to Ableton cloud and finish the songs on your desktop. Totally different products.

Yes Note is very different from Touchable Pro… for now.
But wait a few years of development and Note will be just like Touchable Pro.

wait a few years of developpement to get where we already were when it worked great would be so sad somehow