¨Is Touchable pro discontinued?

I have been working with touchable pro for several years and have developed a whole wireless system to do traveling concerts for the public. Thanks to touchable pro I can control ableton live up to 100 meters from my computer. All my musical activity is based on this concept with silent party headphones for the public, who live a live experience. Are you working on a new version of touchable pro? please?? Is this wonderful application subscribed? it would be a disaster for me… thank you for your answer

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Nothing even comes close to Touchable Pro when it comes to customized iPad control of Live.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s abandoned, though… I had a pile of scripts from NativeKontrol and Will Marshall go tits up with Live 10. Will’s scripts were the simplest of the lot, and he told me via email he prob wasn’t going to update them.

I take that to mean it must be a pretty complicated process, and that would be tenfold for Zerodebug/TA.

If you are live performance-oriented, you might want to stick with Live 9 for a bit longer (at least on ur gig rig) and explore TA to see if it’s benefits outweigh the new stuff in Live 10 (like Macro variations) as it pertains to what you do on stage.

Losing all of my scripts/TA templates put me in a bad spot where I have to remake my live set from the ground up…so I said F my aging laptop, F Zerodebug, got an M1 iPad Pro and am in the process of making a new live set in AUM/Loopy Pro. If I don’t like it I’ll def go back to Live 9/TA.

Zerodebug’s radio silence on the issue is inexcusable, though. It’s not very hard to post in your forum one of three statements:

  1. We’re working on it
  2. We really don’t know yet
  3. We’re not gonna deal with it

Ya think?

If Touchable Pro worked as described in the manual I would be more than happy to have paid for this app, unfortunately it frequently crashes, eg trying to use Clips Overview, can not enter the Clip Editor amongst others, not impressed.
I too would like to get a refund and welcome instruction on how to receive a refund.