It doesn’t even open on iOs 14.1

Hi there guys!

I was wondering if you’ll update one more time at least? Please!?

I love studiomux so much! Overall because I can play and perform with my favourite music apps directly on my iPad’s touchscreen!



sorry for the long wait and the inconvenience. We are working on a big update (actually rewrote most of the app and server). As soon as we have a steady beta, we will announce it.

Best Pascal



Even if you put it on sale, it worths every cent!

Any ETA for the update? Thanks!

That’s great news! I am very pleased! I love studiomux!
And if there is a functioning modstep at some point, I’m really happy!

Hi there Which app I have to buy I’m using Ableton 10 I just want to know if those apps save you’re song or clips
I know Ableton 11 is coming in January I received one email.
So please help me out which touchable are you should buy from those the pro or the mini?

Once loaded can you take your phone with you which in the creative samples uploaded from Ableton

From reading reviews those 2 apps are the best I don’t want just in Ableton controller I want to finish the song in the train or something like that

Please reply me at
I really would appreciate it thank you

Touchable Pro man, the mini was a past version for iPhone and iPod.

this one, touchable pro is universal, for iPad and iPhone, etc…

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Just to let you know, that neither of these apps will upload clips or sounds to your device (phone, iPad, etc), it will only allow you to control Ableton itself. You will not be able to disconnect from your main computer & continue working on the track somewhere else.

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Thank you for your important information.

Thank you for your honesty an important information

So touchable pro and LK is also just a controller so with the app Launchpad an BlocksWave you can get a sort off clip or loop based application like you have in Ableton

This is the place to go for everything ios music app related :

Also many great tutorials on YouTube. The Sound Test Room ( ) is probably one of the oldest, and has covered pretty much every app worth using. Tons of info on the two apps you mention out there…too big a subject to cover here…