Jerky behavior of faders and knobs (Oreo 8.1)


Hi Zerodebug Team,

First, really great work! I am using touchAble Pro on several devices, and I am happy with the overall behavior and performance of the app. However, I have bought a new tablet, i.e. the Trekstor Surftab L15 (Android Oreo 8.1), for the reason to use it with touchAble for live performances with Ableton 10.

Here, you can find a video illustrating the undesired behavior of the faders.


Unfortunately, I have to report a jerky behavior of all faders and knobs in the app. The buttons react fine. To check that it is not due to the tablet itself, I tried other apps with faders and knobs, where the reaction was smoothing and as expected.

I tried also the touchAble beta-version downloaded from the playstore. Same behavior!

Developers, can you say something about this behavior and how probable it is that you’ll fix it in the short term? Otherwise, I have to get rid of the Surftab L15.

My current observation is that all Android devices having a version < 8.x are working fine.



Hey, we just bought a new Android Device and will try to reproduce the issue you mentioned. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best