just purchased studiomux..

i finally purchased Studiomux off the istore…
i always had it in mind to purchase it… but now that i have …
im stuck with trying to get it working on my Windows 10 PC

im using the reaperDaw, to try and integrate both midi and audio into Reaper
i had previously installed older VST’s namely the studiomux_generator and the studiomux_effect vst’s
which naturally didnt work as i hadnt purchased the studiomux app for the ipad

in a video i saw… it speaks of a server need to be installed…
where do i access the server executable??

also if i need to remove all aspects of itunes drivers etc and start fresh… is there a decent guide i can follow??

im aware of others having issues with installing Studiomux on windows 10… but for the purposes of seeing if my system will behave any differently… i need require the server exe… to be installed im guessing

either way any help with the needed files… or guides would be greatly appreciated

i found the link for the server exe…
i needed to go over the istore page again… it was in the fineprint LOL
lets hope this works :-s

You should follow the studiomux 5 beta thread.