Link Touchable Pro Script with Isotonik,s LaunchSync


I wanna know if is it possible to link script ring focus boxes etc from touchable pro via Isotonik Studio Launchsync feature as previously did with touchable 3,is it also implemented on new version of touchable Pro?

It has been on our todo-list for a long time, will be added soon!

Great to know it! Thanks!

Great news, really looking forward to this feature!!!

Yeah! I am looking forward to this, too :). Even more to getting this to work with Clyphx Pro CS Linking - I just read in the forum over there, that your are going to look after this soon :slight_smile:

Still waiting for this…Is very important to make things work better with other control surfaces.


sorry for the long wait. Within the last update we tried to integrate the session component stuff, enabling multi controlsurface support (see line 159 loading the session ring).

SessionComponent and SessionRingComponent are still part of our scripts.

Unfortunately integrating it, led into total mess. We were not able to provide a steady multi control/surface/ support and decided to exclude these parts for now.

We will get in contact with isotonic studios,… asking for help, resolving the current issues.


Good morning!

Any news on this topic :)? Could come in handy. Just tried to activate the disabled line in, but obviously that does not do the trick :slight_smile:




i finally started working on Launchsync support, the scripts are already loading and Launchsync detects them, though i have no hardware to test it with. I will contact isotonic studios, maybe they can help. (300.1 KB)



i updated the scripts, they should now also work with Live10. (151.7 KB)


Cool, launchsync is working now when scrolling in touchAble and syncing acp40 mkII /Push 2 - just had no success the other way round: moving on hardware and touchAble following. Anyone has another experience :)?
Thanks for the implementation <3


unfortunately i cannot test the functionality of Launchsync. But great to hear that it is working one way.

Could you please try the latest script and also activate the multi mode in touchable (Settings->Multi->Double Tap the Rect in grid)



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Hi I am trying to get this working in version 1.749. I have touchable set as leader but if I click any of the leader control buttons (left, up, down, right) nothing happens. I have enabled multi mode in the touchable app settings.