Live and/or TochablePro crashing

I’m sure this is a popular topic. I have a new Macbook M1 with the latest Live release and the latest Touchable Pro ipad Pro software. I am connected via USB. I am seeing Ableton Live freezing/which I then need to “force quit”. I am also seeing Touchable Pro crashing and having to be restarted. I have a Push2 that I love and was looking for something more portable for certain situations. This system combo seems quite unreliable. I can usually get it to hang/crash in about 5 minutes of using Touchable Pro on the ipad. Any suggestions?

Live Release is 11.1.6. It seems that something broke in going from 11.0 to 11.1 according to another post? How responsive is zerodebug to fixing these issues. It seems like they are not.