Mac server 4.28 doesn’t start

Hi I am on Sierra.touchable app (server)doesn’t open on Mac.I uninstalled and reinstalled.but this did not help.any help?pease

I updated to High Sierra.but the server doesn’t open.

I installed with pacific and now it opens.I really like your apps but I think you should be there when needed.

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Hey sorry for the super late reply. I will get back to you via mail, we could find the issue to that problem yet. Best

The solution that support team gave me is this.Eveything works now

Open terminal and enter this line.

sudo chown root:wheel /Library/LaunchAgents/touchable.plist


Actually it was a feedback from another user :). But i also found the hint in an internal F.A.Q, we will also add it to the manuals F.A.Q. Thanks for posting.