Media Enquiry

Hi Christian, Pascal Peter and Felix,

I have sent an email to you this morning, I just wanted to check you received it?
It would be great to discuss our enquiry with you further.

Many thanks,

hello, there wasnt any developer seen here since November 2021, sorry to tell you. In case you ever have contact to one of them, please tell them “PLEASE COME BACK TO TOUCHABLE” :smiley:

Hello, for those who are using Touchable in their live setup and are wondering what will happen next to the app, here is my guess :

Indeed, there is no news from the staff since mid 2021 (socials, forum, etc) I am guessing two possibilities :

option 1 : they left the project > I hope not !
option 2: the project is being/willl be integrated/bought by Ableton and they have a Non Disclosure Agreement. This option is the most plausible since it is happening for another well know 3rd party Ableton tool : Clyphx, which main developper Stray is now working for Ableton since 2021…. coincidence ??? I think not !

Anyway fingers crossed that Touchable will still be working and perfectionned in the future for Ableton, it is the best app out there in the market, beating Lemur (project discontinued by the way), TouchOSC, LK etc.

Time will tell !