MIDI mapping jog wheels


I’m trying to use the jog wheel of my DDJ 200 to control the play position of the loaded track.
In MIDI mapping mode, when I click the waveform and move the jog wheel (either the touch sensitive top or the side of it) the wheel is registered as a Continuous Control type -which sounds right to me, but when I try it out all it does is it puts the play head dead in the middle of the track, and skips forward and back within a very limited range, maybe 16 beats or so. I think it has to do with the MIDI signal range of 0 - 127.

So how does one go about mapping a jog wheel?

I’ve tried all the other Control types to no avail, the range is set from 50% to 100% , and the MIDI range is from 0 to 127.

Does anyone know if it is possible to properly map a jog wheel?

Thanks a lot!