Midi Output to TouchAble From Ableton to Update Knob Positions

I’ve used the control builder to create a series of knobs to control all the filters on all of my tracks from the same place, and I have some midi clips that when triggered, will reset the filters to the ‘off’ position, which is in the middle. It seems like when I add / remove tracks to the set, the mappings won’t stay mapped if I use the built-in touchable mapper to map the controls.

As a workaround, I have them send midi CC’s and I’ve mapped those CC’s to the filter knobs within Ableton. However, when I reset the filters by triggering the clip, the on-screen knobs don’t reflect the new middle position of the knobs.

It seems like having 2-way midi feedback to update the on-screen controls would be a no-brainer, as it is possible in many older midi controllers like the APC40 Mk1 or Machine Mk1. Is there a way to get the on-screen knobs to update correctly?

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I’ve been wondering the same thing…


I am working with M4L.

When I use “AutoLearn” for Parameter Mapping, the parameters get lost everytime I edit and save the max patch.

I tried with midi, but with the lack of midi-out remote control, I have nu update in Buttons or Knobs.

so i am little confused, what is the recommened way of mapping parameters with m4l.

btw: touchAble is simply amazing piece of software. thank you for that. Respect for the developers!