midi ports not showing in Ableton, win 10

Hi, I am really hoping this is user error but I just cannot get the studiomux or any of the ipad apps to show up in Abletons pref midi ports.

The Studiomux app on the ipad has the ports showing in local, the server says status OK, Available device 1, Active connection 1 but it will not show up. MidiOx is also not regestering any midi activity or showing any devices.

If I start a studiomux VST instrument in Live it registers in the channel out of the Ipad Studiomux, but again no activity is registered or ports in live available.

I have tried all ways to start up, ipad first, server second, live third and every combination inbetween.

From what I can see the server has no settings I need to change or adjust, all I can do is right click and see that the status etc is OK.

Any ideas as I am at a loss. All I would like to do is get Midi, pref MPE from a few apps into Live so I can play VST’s and external hardware.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Try adding a port from the app (tap on “MIDI” , then when loading an AU on the app ,tap the circle above the meter and select “Midi Delegate”
That would stream midi from the app thru the created port to Ableton