Multiple touchscreens on same computer

After a bit of an unhappy honeymoon with touchable, I’ve been very pleased with it - and the frequent updates from the developers. Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere but I have two touchscreens on my computer and would like to have the touchable interface visible on both. Is that possible through some configuration in the client UI I haven’t found or by starting two copies of the client on a machine? Or some other way?

Just to note, I can bridge my two monitors in Windows (running Windows 10) using the Nvidia control panel but that screws up the touchscreen response (i.e. Windows and the drivers don’t seem to know how to stitch together the touchscreen components of two merged screens).

To add: Concurrent use of identical apps from the Microsoft app store is not allowed. As is the nature of app stores, I guess.


Unfortunately we are currently restricted to one GUI, do to the nature of our grafical framework.

We are currently working on a non Microsoft store version for windows, it won’t be a for sale, but once ready we may give it for free for those who own the Microsoft store version. This may be a possibility two run multiple instances.


Yeah, I figured those were roughly the impediments. I would be very eager for a non-App store client. If it helps, I also purchased it through the Google Play store so there’s two licenses as it is! Though I don’t use it on my Android device since - it being a phone with a small screen - the UX doesn’t really compare to the PC version.

Pascal, I was curious if there had been any movement providing a non-Microsoft Store linked version.