Multitouch monitors that work with OSX +(in future) TouchAble Pro or YECO

As i’m primarily a Mac/Apple guy - I - like many out there - wish for a day when awe could run TouchAble ( or YECO ) on a mac touch-screen.

Apparently OSX itself has some kind of support for multitouch but clearly no monitors on any mac supports it.

I’ve seen solutions by Slate Audio for touch surfaces primarily intended for professional studios running Pro Tools that use their proprietary apps.

Are there any 3rd party multitouch monitors that could be connected to a mac - and with the appropriate software - a special TouchAble Pro version running on OSX… allow me to finally control ableton on a big touch-screen next to my mac? or mac-mini ?

Why don’t you want to use an iPad?

I DO! - my Air 2 - and my iPhone … and … my Android Tablet…

but being able to use a much bigger touch-screen say 21 or 27" would also be great. More tracks/detail visible - etc etc

why don’t you buy a PC ? Cause you can on PC (and i like apple to , I have an ipad and touchable is fantastic on Ipad to…but yeah on my big touchcreen connected to my laptop, sooo goood! )

am tempted to.

Ive also spotted a few very large Android tablets - 18- 20+ inches size out there - but no idea if they’e any good or compatible - but often around £200-300 so a lot cheaper than a new touch pc

We are in fact working on an OSX version as well. :slight_smile:
It’s already running in the office, but as there is no general Multi-touch support in OSX it is still a bit of a manual affair to setup.
We have a few people interested in this now though, so we might do an internal beta on OSX soon!

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any update on this beta?

I would be definitely be interested in this as well, any updates?