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So a friend has highly recommended Studiomux to me. I have a rather simple need. I would like to use Lumbeats apps but they are ios and I have a Windows setup…and no iPhone or iPad. I wouold actually buy an iPad to be able to use this app, but for the moment have borrowed an iPhone 7 to test this all out.

My friend has told me that Studiomux would allow me to see this ios app in host software (Gig Perfromer) on my Windows laptop and use it like any other vst. Obviously MIDI would flow both ways and audio would route through my laptop and host. Am I going to be able to do this?

I have heard though that the Beta is the only working version? And maybe that is actually working? I really appreciate the help. $10 for the app is not the road block on this…I am just seeing it to be a real time suck for many and would rather avoid that if it’s not going to pay off

It’s working on os before ios 14 . IOS 14 broke it unfortunately. The Beta is not working on windows yet,but there are encouraging signs that it might be getting close. I have no experience with Gig Performer so i can’t confirm whether or not it will work with it. I have used it for around 5 years with Ableton until ios 14, with great results, although if you read the forums, there do appear to be a few people who do not seem to be able to get it working…it can be a bit of a faff to set up at first. It’s still working for me on an iPhone 5c running 10.33, but the screen is a little to small for my needs these days! I bought an iPad air 3 recently to replace my aging air 2 & like an idiot I updated it to ios 14 without thinking…so I am eager to see a working version on it’s way soon…If the iPhone 7 is already on os 14 maybe you could borrow something that hasn’t been updated to ios 14 & test it with Gig Performer? Cheers, & Good Luck …it’s a great solution, & pretty trouble free if you can get it all set up & working…
I have used the Lumbeats apps in Ableton via Studiomux to great effect…the midi out is great in all those apps…I can record the audio directly into Ableton via Studiomux & then also use the recorded midi data to drive Kontakt kits as well…pretty amazing really…!

I really appreciate the help!! I guess I will have to wait untill the beta is up and running with Windows. Or possibly find a pre ios 14 device.

I wonder why you say the iPhone 5c screen is too small…isn’t at least part of the point of studiomux is that you are actually working with the apps in a different device…laptop, commputer etc. My understanding is that I should be able to open Lumbeats inside Gig Performer like any other vst and also route the audio into and out of GP

The apps are hosted in Studiomux on your device. Only the audio & midi is sent to the DAW on your PC .

ok, I’m sorry for this very stupid question, But I actually can’t seem to find the answer. When using Studiomux, I am assuming you coneect iPad/iPhone to Laptop/Computer with just a regular Lighting to USB connector?

I am assuming you have an audio interface connected to your laptop?

Yes, thanks iso! I do indeed have an audio interface connected to the laptop, but the audio would be just going out, correct? With Studiomux, MIDI and audio would be coming from iPad to laptop and then audio out the interface.

btw, what would be your guess for getting anywhere with Studiomux 5 and Windows. I’m thinking perhaps instead of waiting to pick up a used iPad with older ios on it. Any advice on ios versions or particular iPads?

I was only asking because using the built in audio drivers on a PC or Laptop delivers a very sub-optimal experience with Studiomux. You should be fine!

I have no idea when Smux 5 will be ready, seems to have gone a little quiet lately with the Beta, but that could just mean that they are really busy coding…it can’t be a million miles away, unless they’ve hit an unforeseen problem, or other unexpected circumstances. My guess would be weeks rather than months, but that could be wishful thinking on my part.

IOS 13 & below still works. As for secondhand ipads, if you can get an air 3 64gig still on ios 13 for under £250.00 it would be a great deal. I got one recently off e-bay in perfect condition for £245.00. Like an idiot i updated it to ios 14 forgetting that it had broken Studiomux. An air 2 also on ios 13 would also be an ok choice if it was really cheap as a stop gap…still a great iPad but beginning to show it’s age.

Hope this is useful…cheers…

Studiomux latest Beta now working without distorted audio in Win 10 :smiley:

Right on!! Thanks, will give it a try. My understanding is I can download the Beta here and as I don’t have iTunes it will automatically install all I need (Bonjour). But I have to download RTP MIDI as well? And then don’t I have to have the app on the iPhones as well… the regualar app in the app store?

You need to download the Test Flight app to your device, & then click on this link to join the Beta .

Join the studiomux beta

You will need RTP MIDI as well for midi between iPad & PC