New user - Touchable Pro


A very recent user of your product. (In fact this weekend) - I have previously used Lemur and TouchOSC.

A couple of feedback points and a bug.

First off let me just say, thank you for a feature rich product. Thumbs up!

Now onto my gripes.

I am quoting from the online Manual.

“touchAble Pro was designed to give full control of Ableton Live on iOS”


This statement is not actually entirely accurate. Simply put it is 50% accurate as the arrangement window has no “mapping” or at least cannot be controlled by the app, so by this fact the software does not give “full control of Ableton Live on iOS” so the marketing information is somewhat misleading in my view. Maybe this should be highlighted in your marketing the fact that arrangement is not supported. (or at least controlled via your software)

Next, there are many errors in the online manual where the objects do not align with the tasks.
Please could the online manual be updated to the latest version of the software?


Lastly, the bug.

When deleting a track whether it is either a midi track or an audio track in touchable, the Touchable app crashes consistently. It does not matter if the track is used or empty…

Ableton 10.1
MacOS 10.12.6
iPad Air 1
iOS 12.3.1
Macbook Pro 15" Retina mid 2012
Connected via USB WiFi Disabled

Again, thanks for the feature rich session integration! Top work indeed :wink:

Lastly, no issues at all connecting at all to Ableton ! very easy indeed ; -)

I look forward to the next update :wink:

Kind regards

; -)