No audio

Everything connected all statusses OK, but no audio at all
i tried several differend studiomux versions
i tried several ways to do it instruments/effects
all seem to be correctly configured on my ipad and windows pc
i see the connections active on the app on ipad and in bitwig is sending audio thru studiomux plugin vst.
there is no audio received on the ipad and i tried an instrument inside studiomux on ipad sending audio back to bitwig on pc using the vst’s no audio.
there is no audio at all

please help

i also tried the CopyTrans drivers. rebooted everything but still no audio at all. ipad is on Ios 16
windows 11

IOS 16 has broken it completely. The app no longer works at al. No one from Zerodebug has been on this site for over a year. If you just bought it, get a refund ASAP. A fix in the near future seems very remote, as the developers seemed to have vanished. It’s all a bit odd…

Hey Iso thanx for the follow up.
if apple breaks something in a higher os-version, the developpers should fix it, but if they abandoned the project there won’t be much of a fix anytime soon.
it’s a shame because i’d really like this functionallity having audio/midi-channels routed from-and-to my ipad<->PC with just a usb-lead

i have just requested a refund.

Such a shame. I have used Studiomux with great success over many years. I’ve also spent time defending the app many times,& helped people to get it working. It took Zerodebug months to get it working after it broke last year, & I remained patient with them while they fixed it, testing all the different builds & servers as they were released, & giving feedback. I feel a little silly now, as they seem to have gone AWOL. Not a peep out of them on this site since last November , despite numerous posts asking for their help getting their apps working from many different customers.

If they are in some sort of difficulty, a short post from them explaining their situation would go a long way.

Well done getting a refund…such a shame though, because it was such a great app…