No Session View with M1 Mac

Using Ableton Live 10.1.42 on Macbook Pro M1 Max and Samsung S3 Tab and Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.1. Newest server version. On both tablets the app connects to Ableton via server, but other than playing on pads and keyboard nothing works. Session view is empty on tablets while Ableton has loaded a session.
Got an old Intel Mac, everything works fine with that machine.
Can anybody help?

Sounds like the midi input from the server to live works, but not the control surface. Have you installed the control surface and set it to the right midi input? Consult the manual for how to do that exactly.

Thanks, Yannis. Could fix the problem with your help. Obviously Ableton did not configure the midi settings correctly in the migration process from one machine to the other. With your help I could directly go to the right spot without time consuming search in all different places (a lot of things involved in migration Apple Silicon…).
Thanks for the instant help.

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