No wireless connection between Ipad and MacBook Pro M1

Yesterday I bought myself the touchAble Pro. I am really happy with this beuatiful tool. It works perfectly with an usb cable between my macbook and my Ipad. I only cannot establish the wireless connection. Connected with the cable, the internet connection icon on the touchable pro app on my Ipad is showing up green and when i tap it, it says: v 1.749 SRV, v.1.749 CS v. 11.0.12 live, MBPvanEPranachi, status ok.
When I disconnect the usb cable the icon turns red and is empty. When I tap it, it says: Connection status ll v. 1.761
In the touchable pro manual the instructions are clear and simple. However, now it is not working wirellesly i don’t know where to look and how to solve this issue.

I hope I can get some advice how to make the wireless connection working.

Best regards,