OSC over USB

Hi all, i’m following the info in the manual but it seems that OSC is not working over USB (i’m sending OSC from TouchOSC on iPad2 iOS 9.3.5 to Windows 10 64bit computer).
Any help?
thanks and all the best

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread.

I’ve just started using Studiomux and have a similar question.

I can get OSC data out from TouchOSC on iPad but can’t get OSC data into TouchOSC from my laptop.
(TouchOSC works fine when I bypass Studiomux and use wifi, but not when wired over USB with correct ports via Studiomux.)

I’ve joined in hopes someone can assist. Is there any way of contacting Zerodebug for help?

The manual states there should be confirmation that the OSC port is working in Studiomux. This doesn’t happen – it actually says it’s disconnected, but on my Mac the Studiomux app says there’s an OSC connection. And again, TouchOSC can send OSC data out of Studiomux to my Mac. It just won’t receive it.

Can anyone help here?

Many thanks,