Please, add usb support to Android.

There are timing errors using wifi (repeat feature is unusable under wifi). Please add USB support on Android for best usability of the program. THANKS!!


it is long planed, but currently it is not possible to connect an android device via USB and communicate with the device acting as a client.

You can try to turn on touchAble’s “Beat Repeat Follows Live Clock” setting and send Live’s midi clock to the touchable MIDI port. Currently the clock offset is fix (2ms), but we will include an adjustable clock offset within the next update.



Hello since this is over a year old, i m wondering, if USB support has been added since? Can anyone use Android Tablets with USB-Connection to the PC? Don’t want to buy the Android Version for nothing, just to find out it doesn’t work.
And if it doesn’t work yet, will it ever be added? Expecting an answer at least in 2025 please. x’D

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Hi. I am a new user and I would also like to know if USB conection is supported on Android. The image in your installation guide would appear to sugges that it is, but however I configure it I cannot get the app to recognise the server over USB.