Prospective buyers

If you are considering buying this software: DO NOT! RUN AWAY! It is essentially uninstallable. Or, rather, one install will work and then another will break. The pop-ups during installation are factually incorrect; they might be correct for the devs but no, not everyone’s files are in OneDrive. They cannot seem to apply capitalization properly which makes me wonder how many missing semicolons are screwing shit up behind the scenes. They prioritize fixing shit which isn’t broken over basic functionality (dudes, don’t destroy your product by merging two working development lines). And it is impossible to get a refund.

It works just enough to give you hope that a multi-touch solution for Ableton exists but then 15 minutes later it will crash. Good luck using it in a performance situation. Anyhoo, devs, explain the brokenness of this pop-up if you would. I cannot select a different directory and Ableton is apparently not detected. Or, rather, it cannot detect the “versio-” of Ableton.

Works flawlessly for me.
Ive also had great experience with costumer support, always had an awnser to my issues.

Yes, its not clear cut “install and will work immediately without any hiccups” kind of app. Ive had issues, but Ive managed to solve them all thanks to developer input and suggestions, as well as my own playing around with things.

Right now its totally stable, and indispensable tool for my live set, Im happy I bought it and stayed with it!

Ableton Live 11
macOS Big Sur
Intel Macbook Pro 2019
Server V. 1744
Ipad Mini

Well, shit, I thought I’d deleted all those posts. Pandemic rage, grawr! Anyways, yeah, agreed on rapid dev turnaround for bugs. At the same time, running it in Windows is not the best experience. It does crash pretty reliably just running the client and server in Windows. As an aside, it would be nice to use both of my touchscreens but I get that feature (i.e. decoupling from the Windows store) is not at the front of prioritization.

Anyways, thank you for replying encouragingly, Alfonrock. Good reply. Removing other derogatory posts.

Oh, right, it also does not play well with Launchpad scripts but I don’t have my system fully turned on to give details into that at the moment. My feeling is the devs are debugging on Macs natively and may not be seeing some of these problems.