Questions about StudioMux

macOS 10.14.6
Bitwig Studio 3.1 beta 5
iPad Air with iPadOS 13.3
StudioMux Purchased on 14 Dec 2019

I’ve just purchased StudioMux with the hope of using some of the apps on my iPad with Bitwig Studio on my Mac.

I’ve run the app on the iPad and have succeeded in getting it to recognise another running audio app, in this case, Patterning 2.

I’ve got the server running on the Mac and it is showing that there are 1 Audio connection and 1 MIDI connection, so that’s good, I think.

However, I cannot figure out how to get the audio to play within Bitwig. The page at talks about an AudioMux VST but as far as I can tell, this was not included in the StudioMux package. Does this mean that I have to buy something else beyong the StudioMux package. This isn’t very clear at all.

The macOS server package installs two VST/AU plugins/components.
In your DAW you can use the VST/AUs to interface with your iOS device as either an instrument or a generator.

I can’t speak for Bitwig as I’m a Live 10 user but I would assume it works exactly the same across DAWs.