Refund for redownloading IAP Live Template Pack

I had already purchased the IAP (Live Template Pack) previously years ago and I tried to reinstall/download it again. It states that i would not be charged again if i (the same apple user ID) had already purchased the IAP. Yet, I noticed an email from apple regarding a receipt for it, AGAIN??? what the heck??? So, I chacked my balance in my bank account and sure enough the $14.99 US dolaars have been deducted from my account. Can someone please assist me in obtaining a refund for this mistake PLEASE??? I would greatly appreciate the help & maybe even consider purchasing TOUCHABLE PRO!?!? HAHAH!?!? Thanks for the awesome apps.


sorry for the inconvenience. could you please unfortunately we cannot refund you directly, please contact apple:

in case this doesn’t work, please contact our helpdesk:

help . touch - able . com