Respect clip launch mode?

Hi all, I’m working on a DJ set, and I have some clips that are set on different launch modes (Gate, Repeat, etc.). touchAble doesn’t seem to send the “mouse up” message, so my clips that are set to repeat just repeat and don’t start playing, my gate clips don’t stop, etc. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change in touchAble?

HW: iPad Pro (1st generation)
SW: Ableton 11.2, MacOS, server 1703.



there is no setting for this feature yet, Version 1.709 will have a setting called “support_clip_launch_mode” sending touch Up and Down events to the script if the setting is active.

The Trigger, Gate and Toggle Launch Mode will work properly that way. But the Repeat Launch mode requires a bit more work, since we cannot trigger mouse events from within the script and have to implement the Repeate Launch inside our script.



Got it, thanks for letting me know!

How’s the status of Repeat Launch mode? I’m using v. 1749 and repeat mode doesn’t work.