Running the Studiomux in WINE

Hey @Pascal,

What are the dependencies in windows for StudioMux? I am attempting to get the server working in WINE, but am not sure what is needed for windows system resources. In the Wine Environment I am seeing some big crashes from the VST when trying to get read in the VST3 loaded. There is no assumption that this would work in WINE, however before looking further I wanted to make sure I was providing all the things needed to the context.


Quick update here! I have managed to get both the Server and plugin working withhin Manjaro 21.00. The one place this seems to fall down in the communication brokering with the IOS device. Doing some digging it looks like the Bonjour SDK is being leveraged for service discovery. I have included the SDK 3.0 on the WINE side, and added the lib32-avahi linux side. Any idea where i can look for resources to close the loop? This is so close!!

I am using:
Server: Beta 5.126 (WIN)
Wine: 6.18-69 (staging)
Kernel: 5.15rc
Bottles (to build the wine prefix)


wow! We cannot really help you with that since you went more far than us and i’m not familiar with wine.

You somehow need to get the discovery working as you already mentioned.

There is an open source project working on a native usb connection.