Saving VST ‘mux generator assignments + other concerns

Hi. I’ve sent support emails a few times and not received any responses; I will try here. I hope we still have support for the much needed app for Windows users.

1: I setup a track, make proper assignments, save project file. <Reaper, Windows 10(x64)>
I reload project
Settings/assignments will never save. Bug or by design?

2: will studiomux ever support 48khz sampling rate? It’s a valid rate for devices. iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone 6+ iOS ver 12.1.4

3: On the windows server side, how can I be sure I’m running the proper latest version? There is no indication I can see the ver when it’s running. What is the latest best version?

4: pushing/routing midi clock from desktop to iOS. Especially during a ‘rest time’ no activity, I often have to unload reload ‘mux on both sides, it’s like the portal becomes corrupted or chocked out. Note the virtual midi port clock is assigned to is not studiomux port, and the ‘mux app has no clock selected. It is simply a vehicle to route clock to a receiving app. Also note, no USB port is set to sleep-all USB ports have this parameter deselected.
Does studiomux iOS app or server sleep after there is no activity to save power? Workstation is always plugged in, iPad receiving trickle power charge from USB port. In the background does ‘mux sleep with no activity?

4 questions in on thread but seemed a better way then separate topics. Thank you in advance for your guidance and answers!!

A wonderful app, mission critical for Window users via usb/lightning connection… with some issues I hope still being supported and updates on the way! Cheers Gary

Hey Gtilde,

Please excuse our late reply!

I’ll answer your points one by one as well:

  1. That is definitely a bug - we’ll fix the saving / loading of assignments!

  2. We did at one point add a fix for 48k but i think there is new issues since an iOS update a while back. We’ll look into it - it’s definitely required and therefore please also consider it a bug :slight_smile:

  3. The latest Windows version is quite old in fact. We will switch to a new architecture with the next update - but it took us a while to feel safe enough with it. We’ll unify the app & server versions with the next update and add a thread here that will always list the latest versions alongside a changelog. This should make it easier to know what’s happening

  4. I assume these issues are due to the old server code base and should be fixed in the next release! If possible - please keep us updated after that is done!

  5. Thank you for getting in touch here even after not receiving any replies via the support page. We’re currently restructuring our support system and will work that this all will be less painful for you in the future.

Thanks for your support & patience Gary :slight_smile: