Serious problem with Ableton Live 10


I used it with Live 9 without problem and loved it.

After install Ableton Live 10.1 Suite
I can’t launch Scene anymore in TouchAble Pro

I use an iPad Pro first generation iOs 12.3.1
with version 1.0.429 of TouchAble Pro

Any idea what going wrong on my setting?


could you please try setting up Live like this:


Thank you for your response

Actually TouchAble Pro doesn’t response properly at all.

I use a MacBook Pro 2016 with MacOs 10.14.5

With Live 10.1.0

An iPad Pro 2015 iOs 12.3.1

TouchAble Pro 1.430.0 using lightning to USB connection (Apple official cable)

Still not working properly.
I can play and Stop but can’t launch Scenes.
I did a clean install of my computer without success.
Here my Ableton live setting for Touchable

@Pascal I’m having a similar issue and just opened up a support ticket. My issue is when you click on a track in ableton on the mac, then then click to another track, the instrument itself gets deactivated. Meaning a midi track has an instrument on the track (albton instrument or my own vsts either way), and it gets deactivated the yellow circle turns grey) This only happens when touchable is connected (via usb or wifi.) Then it goes away when I stop using touchable. Very strange. (It also happens when i do the same action in touchable itself.)

I’m using the latest version of os mojave 10.14.5, ableton 10.1 and Touchable Pro 10.430.0 on ipad pro 9.7 in

Seems like there’s something happening here.

Additionally, i notice that i have to reinstall the script literally every time i re-open ableton 10.1 Please investigate this thank you.

Same problem here. Ableton 10 and ipad. There is latency when clicking on any function within the ipad app. Even when clicking the metronome on and off it does not respond


sorry for the inconvenience. In case you haven’t already done, please send a logfile to:

We are still working on the update and currently focusing on the script.

Could you please try if this script version fixes the issue:

Please install into the appr. folder e.g:

/Applications/Ableton Live XXX Remote Scripts/touchAble



Unfortunately this solution has not worked and the issue remains


could you please open a support ticket ( and attach a logfile:

/Applications/Ableton Live XXX Remote Scripts/touchAble



Hello Pascal,

It solved!

I installed the new script but it didn’t solve the lag.
I reinstalled the app on the iPad and it works just fine now!!!:star_struck::partying_face::+1:t2:

Sorry that I sent you a ticket about it.

I hope it will help others.

Be safe

Thanks for getting back to us and nice to hear that its working. :slight_smile: