Seriously . Does the team still continue touchable ?

The last post from Pascal was the 12 july 2019…
Seriously asking myself if nothing wrong happened .
One of the last post was that the new update would be out in 2 weeks… It’s been more than 2 months

Does Zerodebug still continue the project ?
If not, i can understand .
Still, could we be informed ?


I wrote to them a while ago via email as well, no reply either, so fingers crossed (in general & most importantly) that Pascal & Christian are well!
But, as for Touchable3, I do hope they’re just on holidays or on other jobs/tasks/projects have become more urgent/timeconsuming in the meantime, and that this is not a sign of touchable3 coming to an end…


sorry for the super long wait. The Project is not abandoned, but christian and me were clamped to a different project, that took all our time and concentration in the last months. Unfortunately we totally underestimated the rewrite of the servers. The App update is ready since may, but it will only work with the new server, so we couldn’t release it…

We also totally neglected the forum, which is not excusable. Within the next update, we toped up our team to make sure that one of us is always available (forum/email/facebook).

We are on vacation for the next week and will have time to clean up the mess we left in the forum.



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Thanks for the answer. Have a good Vacation :slight_smile:

I’m just back here to see what’s going on. I’m super keen to incorporate Touchable Pro into my live set-up but stability issues have meant I have not done anything yet. Glad to see there is still conversation going on with developers and am looking forward to the server update so I can use this tool.


Yes, would love to see some stability updates. I can’t seem to get Touchable Pro to connect since updating to iPad OS, and the windows version doesn’t work right now for me either… :frowning:


we have just finalised the first version of the new APP and server. If you like send a mail to our helpdesk and ask for a beta invite (i do not recommend to post email in public forums :slight_smile: ). We spent over half a year rewriting the server/connection on windows/mac ios/android/windows. And we think it is done :slight_smile: