Soda DJ App

Is this app still being supported? It’s the best iOS DJ app but there is a problem with recording sets. The record time stops for no reason at all even though it shows it is recording.

Hey JL7,

Thanks for your continued support :slight_smile:
We have an update lined up that is to be released in the coming few weeks!
It fixes all these recording issues and enhances the experience in a lot of other areas.

We’ll post as soon as it’s uploaded to the store

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Hai. I’m really keen to try this out. There was a hint that Windows10 Touch & USB HDDs might be supported at some time. Is this in the works too by chance ? (i.e. from 2 years ago -> Soda for Windows Touchscreens? )


Hi, is the update coming out???

The app doesn’t open in iOS 14 on a 12.9 iPad Pro (fall 2019 version)