SOLVED - script issue: touchAble not showing up under "MIDI Ports"

I’ve laptops with identical Ableton setups but on my main one touchAble no longer shows up under MIDI Ports, so it can’t be used as a controller although it’s working as a control surface. Ableton 10, windows 10, android 10.

I’ve reinstalled the scripts ad nauseum to different folders and to the default location (when choosing “No” to install to user library.

I’ve deleted the scripts and rolled back to 1.6xx

I uninstalled and reinstalled Ableton.

It does work as a control surface although touchAble doesn’t show up in the control surface “Input” and “Output” script drop downs.

Any ideas??


Well, I solved this one on my own, hopefully this info will be helpful to someone…

I uninstalled rtd MIDI, Bonjour and touchAble script.

Reinstalled rtp/Bonjour package then the touchAble script (1.6xx) and it all started working proper.

Hope this helps!

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