Studio Mode On = Choppier Data Transfer

Hello zerodebug team,

I’ve recently started using touchable Pro, and really enjoy the hands on functionality it provides over Ableton Live. However I’ve noticed that switching Studio Mode to On in the server, reduces the resolution of data transfer and makes fader and knob movements a lot choppier, is there any way to fix this? I only use the app in Studio Mode and would like it if I could have the much smoother performance that I get when it’s turned off without the annoying “undo bug”.

Macbook Pro 2014 running Sierra and Ableton Live 10.1
touchable Pro 1.430.0 + touchable Server 428 connected via usb and setup exactly according to the setup guide.



the studiomode represents the refreshing rate provided by Live. Unfortunately we only found that one solution (sending cc data to live) to force Live increasing refreshing rate. So far we haven’t found another solution. Sorry