Studiomux 4.1.6 working on ipadOS14.4

Somewhat a coincidence when i failed to downgrade ipadOS to 13 … downgrade failed and i had to restore my ipad completely from itunes. Itunes downloaded ipadOS14.4 and i restored my data from the itunes backup. After restore, i started all my music apps to restore varios in app purchases and by accidet i started studiomux 4.1.6, and it WORKED, no more black screen and the application ran smootly. I was psyked, and without hesitation i uninstalled itunes (latest version of itunes requiered to restore ipadOS14.4), and all the apple software and drivers. Downloaded the older install of itunes and studiomux server 3.13 on zerodebugs support homepage, and installed.
Studiomux application and server on windows 10, now WORKS like a charm, Happy days are here again!

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thanks for the info. So the store version is working on the latest iOS again? This is super confusing. It required major changes (e.g. we had to change the memory handling for AUs) to get it working on iOS 14.

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Auv3’s definitely crash it on my Air 3 unless AUM is used, & i have re-installed all the various possible combinations umpteen times. . One IAA channel can be used ok , any more than that causes audio distortion in Ableton (Win 10). It’s still working on devices prior to ios 14. Maybe the user above is only using 1 channel & no AUV3’s ?

Any idea of an ETA for a fully functioning release of the new version?

I agree Pascal, its confusing … but i am using the app store version, on IOS 14.4 and windows 10 with no issues. The only thing i have noticed is that the studiomux app has freezed once on startup, but a simple restart of the ipad resolved the issue and the app started again after reboot of Ipad. You do still, on the PC be sure to use the older version of itunes and be sure to also to remove the apple software and drivers, prior to reinstall of the old version of itunes.

Hi iso,
I am using the studiomux app stand alone and togeter with audiobus 3, with apps and audio units with no issues.
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Thanks Fredrik! It’s a no go for me over here. Been using it for about five years issue free until ios14. Beta not working either yet …looks like you got lucky! Hangin on for a working new version now…