Studiomux 5 mising features

Hi there, I just updated StudioMux to the latest available version in App Store (no beta testing) and it seems to work quite well.
Basically I’m try to use my iPad (plus, obviously, some synth app) as external audio synth rack, in Cubase Pro 12 (in Windows 10).
Well what I found it’s missing is:

  1. a working “bounce” from midi to audio track. When I try this the resulting track will be a noisy mess.

  2. so if I just use the midi track to record live the audio, the resulting track is ok (just a little manual latency compensation is needed) et voilà, but the audio peaks are slightly not synced to the midi counterpart. I try to better explain, once I alligned the first audio transient to the first midi note event, the others should be ok, but it’s not, they a re rnadomly slightly shifted, before or after the related midi events. It’s just something negligible, but maybe there is a way to do it better or to fix it in the next StudioMux version?

  3. the midi CC and the Mod Wheel currently are not transmitted by StudioMux, so the midi automation or the realtime control from a controller are quite impossible

If these points will be fixed the app will become absolutely a killer!
Thanks for your consideration.

yes and ableton link transport controls are not syncing with bitwig