Studiomux 5 Sync - Cubase

So I finally got Studiomux 5 working to control AUv3 apps with MIDI and receive the audio back into Cubase 11. The only issue I seem to be having now is that I can’t get Studiomux to slave it’s clock to Cubase. I click to send MIDI Clock or MIDI Timecode or both to Studiomux in the Project Synchronization Setup > Destinations window and click OK. Every time I go back into that window any box I checked for Studiomux is unchecked again. Anything else stays checked, only Studiomux gets unchecked. It seems like Cubase can’t make a connection to Studiomux for clocking so it just cancels the command. I am really hoping I can get Studiomux to slave to Cubase using the much more stable MIDI Timecode. Is this a bug still being worked out or am I doing something wrong?